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Paper sun screen

Echizen washi is the famous Japanese paper.
It has Legend that some 1,500 years ago,
a beautiful princess came to the village of okatagawa (Fukui prefecture)
and taught the people there how to make paper.
It has been passed long time since that,
this area which calls Echizen became famous crafted paper
and calls it as “King of Washi paper”.
Echizen papers have an almost indescribable richness
and quality springing from their strength and suppleness,
while also having a fine surface quality full of warmth
and texture that only handmade paper boasts.
Now, you can see this beautiful art work in our shop as a sun screen.

I never saw such a beautiful handcrafted paper work in my life!
Special thanks to Washiya.
※ We also receive an order.  Please feel free to ask us about detail.